Thursday, July 19, 2012

Box Prrrrroggrrresssssss

Things have definitely slowed down here for the summer. Must be the stifling heat - it was 24 degrees here today, I don't know if I can stand much more of that extreme weather!

The Japanese box suffered a setback several weeks ago when it lost a battle with the router. Fortunately the damage was contained to one corner of one of the side pieces, but it still required that I cut out the damaged piece and glue on a new one.

I was reasonably happy with the grain match, but the colour match was not what I had hoped for. I think the patch piece being freshly cut will need some time to oxidize in the air so it will darken and hopefully match the rest of the side piece.

Now I have all the router work done, all the edges have been eased, and the box is ready for finish and glue up. I think I will prefinish the inside with shellac and the outside with Tried and True oil.