Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dreams do Come True

Felt like I got a lot done recently for a change!

I secured new (additional) one car garage space about a mile away. It has power and a high ceiling. I'll use it for more longer term storage of machinery restoration projects. I might be forced to put the big bandsaw there since it is the only place I have presently with a high enough ceiling. I am quite excited by this space, and how it solves some of my storage problems!

I spent the better part of an entire day unloading the most recent batch of gently dried locally harvested lovingly chainsawed magnificent slabs (!) from the kiln, then reloading the kiln up with the next batch. This time it is 5 slabs of Deodar cedar, 5 slabs of elm, and 2 short but wide and thick slabs of maple, shwon below. I had forgotten how much physical work it is move these slabs around.

Also made some progress on the Japanese toolbox. Finished the fox wedged tenons which secure the handle assembly. Trimming them led to some gouging, so I am presently working with my plane to remove these marks. I have also started on the lid, shown below in place with the battens held on by double sided sticky tape!

Am looking forward to getting this box completed and spending some time this fall on shop projects.