Friday, October 23, 2015


Well the much anticipated bonanza of logs resulting from the late summer storm described in my last post has failed to materialize. In fact there is nothing but crap at the log dump right now.

Meanwhile I have been keeping myself busy with odds and ends, including running a few cherry slabs through my 24" planer.

This one still needs a few more passes to finish it. You can see that it developed quite a twist as it dried. Luckily it is quite thick so I can afford to take more off the top. It is glued onto a torsion box to provide a flat surface to ride on the planer table. Once this side is done I'll pop it off the box and run the other side through like normal.

The amount of shavings that get generated is quite large. I have only a standard metal garbage can under my cyclone, it can get full on a single pass from a slab like this! Really crimps the productivity to have to stop and empty the shavings after each pass!