Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Handle: Part II

Actually it's not part two of the same handle, it's a new handle! The first handle, pictured in my previous post, didn't fare very well when I went to shape it on the shaper, my least favourite power tool by a wide margin.

The climb cutting the yellow cedar did not work, I wound up with some tear out that was beyond repair. So I had to make up and fit and then carefully shape a new handle.

Glad that part is over! I am now turning my attention to the base to hold the light bulb.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Getting a Handle on Things . . .

Got the cap rail finished and temporarily fitted. It will move down slightly from where it is in the photo below to its final position flush with the top of the tie ring, The tops of the four posts that protrude through the cap rail will be morticed for small wedges. These four wedges will hold the entire assembly together!

The photo also shows an end-on view of the handle. It is attached to the cap rail pieces by bridle joints at each end. Those are done so the handle is shown in-situ although the handle itself is yet to be shaped.

I made an MDF template for the handle to use on the shaper. It did not go well, although I think I can salvage it.