Sunday, March 17, 2013

More, more, more!

The new Oneida 6" dust collection cyclone system arrived for the basement shop. I spent the weekend tearing the old 4" system out and getting the new cyclone in place beside the house. Next week I need to buy all the 6" pipe and start to route that.

I fired it up once all the electrical was complete, using my trusty Radio Shack sound pressure meter to measure the noise levels. Standing about 3' away registered 84 dB, compared to the 4" dust collector it replaced which registered 72 dB. So quite a bit louder, but the Oneida is still quieter than the larger Clearvue cyclone which I have in the garage I am renting, it is 94 dB. I am hopeful that will a bit of soundproofing and an enclosure the noise level will drop considerably, if I can get it down to 72 dB then I will be happy.

Also got the bandsaw mobile base back from the shop. Bringing the bandsaw over from where it is stored into my garage will be on hold till the dust collection is finished. Too bad this bandsaw is too big for the basement!

Have not had good luck with the weather recently for milling. Got skunked twice in a row last week, planning to go on Tueday but the forecast was calling for 50mm of rain! I think we got most if not all of it that day. Was last out a couple weeks ago. Hopefully again next week, weather forecast looks good right now.

Cherry and Maple

Cherry and Box Elder