Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moving Along . . .

Got out and did some milling with a buddy yesterday. It was out in Chilliwack, a lot of work for not a huge amount of wood. Some nice maple with a bit of stain on it. It turns out that milling on the beach is a lot easier than milling in the middle of a freshly logged lot covered in mud and hills and slash where you have to carry everything to and from the car!

Also finally got started on a muffler/baffle for the cyclone. I tested it this morning, just with the plywood box, and wow did it ever make a huge difference. It dropped the noise from around 90 dB to 70 dB. I am hopeful that once I get the box properly sealed and insulated with acoustic tile and eggcrate foam that it will drop even further.

Have been working on a small table out of an oak slab. The slab is a bit rustic, but I intend to use it for kneeling on when I am at my comptuer rather than using a chair. We'll see how that goes!

The slab had some cup in it, but I have it flat enough for what I need. I am just making up some legs for it. Ooops, first set was too short. That was quite a bit of time wasted, but a good chance to discuss the old adage 'measure twice and cut once' with my daughter. She found the saying quite amusing, either than or she found my mistake totaly amusing.

My Hammond Glider table saw is rocking now. The conversion of the unit from pica to inches is complete, other than fitting the new ruler. I also decided to buy a new blade for it, and wow did that make a huge diference, even though I had the old blade sharpened locally, it was like night and day.