Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Best Layed Plans

Taking a break from the bookcase, I've made up some lists of projects that I currently have OTG (on the go). Of course these are not really underway in the sense that regular progress is being made, but they have all been started to one degree or another. They have all progressed beyond the thinking stage. I doubt that I will get them all done. Some, like upgrading the dust collection I really do need to do, others may quietly go away.

11 Shop Projects - improvements and modifications to the shop.

10 Tool Restoration Projects - I like restoring old power tools, I have a bunch queued up to restore. These are the ones I have started on. I have four jointers and am in the hunt for two more. I passed on a 16" jointer last year - no room!

9 Woodworking Projects - The stuff I build in my shop with my antique tools from the wood I harvested with my Alaska mill! Unfortunately this does not include the elm bookcase or the curvy piece I fancy building next. Nor does it include any that I have abandoned and do not plan to complete.

This may give some insight into why I chose the name I did for my blog!

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