Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Time to Rename the Blog??

I am seriously thinking of renaming my blog "Woodworking on the Event Horizon". Those of you who enjoy a good black hole joke may get a chuckle.

I figure that while I am working feverishly on things, it appears to the casual observer that my shop is at a standstill!


  1. I actually added your blog to my blog roll just because of the name, not to say that the content isn't good or nothing, it is just that I am a slow woodworker and wished I had thought of that name.

    I am on my third name for my blog. The previous one was Simple Woodworker, which is very descriptive, but I never really though it was a great name.

    My current name, Wood Fever is a play on the SNL cowbell skit.

    Anyway, good luck with it.

  2. Thanks Jeff,

    I am actually getting some woodworking done, just not enough to make me happy! This morning was particularly unsatisfactory with the whole day staked out for shop time, until a plumbing crisis sucked up the better part of 5 hours.

    I had a peek at your blog and it looks like you are doing some good work. I will watch it with interest. I am always jealous of guys who actually finish projects and move onto the next one.