Friday, January 28, 2011

Philosophy of Transitions

I have continued with the chainsaw milling.  A rather large but badly weathered and cracked Douglas fir was the subject recently. A couple friends and I took off three pretty fat slabs before we got to the middle which was too badly rotten to use.  It was over 3' in diameter so I had to bust out the big mill again. Two of us could barely carry the resulting slabs to the van when we were done! My left shoulder was a wreck the next day. I'd like to flip it and take some off the other side.

In fact I plan to go with some friends up the Sunshine Coast next week one day and mill up an arbutus. And the forecast is for cloudy, but no rain. Fun!

And, for the very first, time, I actually sold a couple of slabs to a stranger. A lady who had seen me cutting up an alder and who I had given my email to came through and bought two. I don't think I am going to get rich on slab sales, but it may help pay for the gas money! I have somewhat mixed feelings about selling wood that I get for free at the beach, but I guess I will figure it out.

In a similar vein, I met the president of a local wood salvage company, and in fact delivered a bunch of slabs to them this week, for them to sell. The next day they contacted me and indicated they had a line on sixty (60!) trees that were coming down locally and would I be interested in milling some of them up? Wow!

When you cross the line from hobby to business, it can change things from fun to less fun and even drudgery. Or, it can turn something fun into something different than what you imagined, but still fun or even more fun. I'm liking the latter perspective. Let's run with it and see where it goes.


  1. I've got to move next to the ocean and get me a mill. Free wood is irresistible to me. I hope that it remains a fun adventure for you and not the later.

  2. Wow interesting, hope whatever comes of it will be enjoyable! Hmmmm milling heh