Sunday, April 3, 2011

More More Milling

It seems like what little time I have had recently for "woodworking stuff" has been dedicated to milling. Unfortunately my pile is now completely full, I have wood leaning against the garage and no place to stack it, and now I have injured myself playing hockey!

After picking up the yellow cedar a couple weeks ago, I went back to get some more of it, only to discover that a bunch of deodar logs had arrived. So I spent a morning milling up deodar. I have milled up deodar before, I love the smell.

Unfortunately, this log had a lot of knots in it, not nearly as much clear wood as I had hoped for, although still enough to make it worthwhile. I wound up with 9 slabs, and even left a couple of the worst ones on the beach, first time I had ever done that!

Started to have some mill problems as well, the mill seemed to be diving into the log at the start of the cut, making it super hard to push for the first six inches or so. Diagnosed some lose nuts on the mill, hopefully that will take care of it!

The week after that I went back to get some more of the yellow cedar. Unfortunately it started to rain pretty hard so I decided to save it for another day. Not before I noticed a couple more promising pieces of deodar though.

Then I planned to go back and get the deodar and the yellow cedar, except I hurt myself playing hockey and it looks like the milling is done for a while now. That's what happens when 50 year old guys play hockey I guess. At least as soon as I can plane without pain I can get back to the shop!


  1. Hey Dan, I found your next OWWM restoration project, Art Deco cast base, wood/metal Delta BS on the island-

  2. Hey Darnell, Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately I have a 14" Beaver and a 15" General in the queue already and the neighbour whose garage I use still has his house for sale. Won't be taking on any new projects for a while!

  3. No problem, Dan, if you know of anyone else who would like it let them know, as I'm out of wet coast contacts.
    Do you need a fence for the General? I've got one in my rathole if you're interested.