Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pedal to the Metal . . . .Soon!

The Slow Woodworker got side tracked in September and sadly not very much happened in the shop.

The motor on my 12" General jointer packed it in, which necessitated a re and re on the motor switch. And good for me for finding a replacement for a 35 year old motor switch! OK, the second hand one I found needed quite a bit of modification but I got it to work finally. This is the switch inside the motor that controls the starter windings, not the magnetic starter that you push 'start' and 'start' on. A big pain in the butt that I didn't really need, this little nuisance sucked up way too many cycles. 

Then I fell into the 'while it's apart' trap, and wound up spending the better part of the day fiddling with the jointer's motor mount that I have never been happy with. Now I am happy with the mount but annoyed I wasted another day!

Also, my son and I went on a little father/son holiday for two weeks. Bus tour of northern Italy. Great fun!

Then when I got back I discovered that my neighbour has put his house back on the market. Since I am using his garage as my secondary shop / wood storage area, this will be a problem if he sells. And he seems serious about it this time. So I have started clearing the place out. I just dump it in the lane behind my garage, some of the neighbours take it for firewood.
Perhaps I should have a 'wood yard sale' rather than just throwing it out! I am keeping as much of the better stuff as I can, but I have to be realistic about it. I have several thousand board feet in piles in the back yard too.

Once the jointer was working again I was able to finish the stock prep for the magnolia desk. Hopefully oodles of progress will follow shortly!


  1. Desk eh? What do you have up your sleeve?
    Sorry to hear about the machine problems but I'm sure it's in better condition now than ever knowing your work :)
    Have fun!

  2. The desk unfortunately is nothing special. Magnolia, which sounds exciting, but is much like poplar. As for the jointer, it is running well now, I just need to force myself to change the knives . . . !