Saturday, December 24, 2011

Easing Into the Holidays

Well I managed to secure rental of the neighbour's garage with an agreement from the new neighbours for the next two years. That is a relief!

I am in the process of emptying the most recent load in the kiln, lots of yellow cedar and maple plus a little cherry. The yellow cedar is wonderful, the maple less so. The cherry is a shame, I started with half a dozen decent sized slabs off the log, lost a lot to air drying, then lost almost all the rest in the kiln. I'll be lucky to get a 2' long 2x6 out of it all.

Picked up some big maple slabs that I milled last year out in New Westminster, they were on consignment with a local shop. They are refocusing their business, so they asked to unwind our little deal and so I took some of the slabs back. Anyone want any 12' long 4" thick maple slabs that are just under 2' wide? I can't even lift the cursed things!

The slow woodworker has been sidetracked by another project in the meanwhile. I have decided to digitize all of our family's pre-digital camera photos and videos. Hopefully they may be more durable digitized than in musty old photo albums that tend to get damaged or thrown out after a couple generations.  To date I have done around 5400 individual photos, slides, and videos. These things take about 2 1/2 minutes per, so for 5400, that's umm, a lot of time! 200-ish hours.

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