Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still Cleaning up Those Wide Boards

Well, true to the slow woodworking theme, a week has passed and the boards are not cleaned up. I found the scraper plane worked well, but had to be adjusted carefully to avoid gouging with the corners of the blade. I got one side of a board out of before it had to be re-rolled.

I carefully scraped both sides of all four boards, but still found the finish was not as smooth as I wanted. In particular the thin bands of earlywood (or is it the latewood?) seemed to fuzz up quite readily. So I went over each board with fine sandpaper, ranging from 400 up to 3000. That took care of any fuzzing.

The 3000 really puts a mirror finish on, but it highlights all the flaws too. The flaws included some gouge marks on one board, and some areas on a couple where I had not taken out all the planer marks. So I had to go back and do a touch more rescraping, then resanding. There are also a couple knots that would probbly benefit from filling.

As of right now I have two of the boards done. The two others, maybe over the weekend? In the meanwhile I also bought some ruby shellac flakes. I could not find it locally, had to order it online, it came in about four days. My thinking is to put a couple coats of ruby shellac on the elm to see if I can move its colour a bit closer to the red of the sapele frames. I should add that the frames were done first, before I started this blog, and they are ready for their finish, which will be a super blonde shellac.

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