Saturday, June 20, 2009

Veneer Craziness II

Well I haven't had a chance to cut the wide veneers yet. I did some testing and tweaking of the bandsaw fence, I think it is all ready to go now. Part of my hesitation is that I am reconsidering the use of veneer for the top. I think I would actually be better off making the top as a frame and panel construction, rather than as veneered plywood with edgings. The edgings would need to be fairly thick and picture framed onto the ply, I am nervous about how stable that construction would be.

I think what I will do now is clean up on my wide planer the wide slab that I was going to get the veneers from. It is kind of ragged from some test cuts that went awry. I should wind up with 3/4" thickness still.

I have an offcut of one of the elm slabs that is about 14" wide, but it's only about a foot long, I'll try peeling a veneer off of it to verify my bandsaw modification works. I may want to use it in the future.

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