Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summer's Over!

Well that was a crazy busy summer! Unfortunately, not busy with progress on the bookcase. But things are back to normal now, and I actually made a tiny smitch of progress.

I had been up to Robert's Creek this summer and popped into the IP school to say hello. I asked Robert about my plan to use oil or polish on the elm. I had also been re-reading The Cabinetmakers Notebook and in it observed JK's comment that oil is not an appropriate finish on elm as it does bad things to the colour. Robert suggested I consider just using plain Clapham's wax. Which I thought about and decided to use, as it easy to apply, non toxic, and I really like the finish I got on the elm with the 3000 grit sanding.

So I applied wax to the elm today. It darkened it up nicely, I think it goes well with the sapele. I also smoothed the sapele frame parts with 2000 grit sandpaper to remove any nibs and whatnot, in anticipation of giving them a final coat or two of shellac shortly.

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