Thursday, February 25, 2010

On Several Cusps, Progress is at Hand, I Hope

Well, when it rains it pours.

Not only did my new chainsaw chains arrive, but the new knives I ordered for my 8" and 6" jointers arrived. Plus the original knives that I had sharpened I picked up. Plus the pressure regulator for the compressor arrived, and after a bit of unexpected fiddling that I should have expected, it works. Also my digital angle finder arrived so I can set the rakers on my chainsaw chains reliably. And I took two of the Husky brothers to the shop to have them tuned up. After dropping off the organ donor for the mechanic to get some parts from, they are both back in business. And I also tore my Parks planer apart and put it back together with new elevation screws. It is ready for testing now to see if it works. So you see, while I have done nothing, I am now ready to proceed on multiple fronts!

Not to mention I hit the beach two days ago for some slabbing (alder, horse chestnut, cypress), with another unfortunate broken chain happening.

And I went to a bunch of Olympic hockey games!

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