Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kind of Idling

Well, before using the veneer press, I did a test on my compressor a week or so ago. Short story is that the switch that controls the compressor allows it to discharge too far, so it doesn't work with the veneer press. The good news is that I found a cheap one the right size on eBay, the bad news is that it hasn't arrived yet.

Took the family to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Opening Ceremonies last night. Wow. Great show.

Slabbed up a walnut last weekend with a couple friends. One of the guys is going to store it, luckily for me, I have almost no space left now on the side of my house.

Bought a new chainsaw (4th Husqvarna 2100) this one with a 42" bar, looks like it's a good one. Just waiting for a couple new chains to arrive and I'll be in business again.

3 Husky Brothers Waiting for Work. The 4th Brother is an Organ Donor.

Cleaned up a bunch of yellow cedar that I had in my garage. It was pretty rough, some still in 1/4 log sections still. A lot of it was junk so I managed to clear up some space in the garage, and in the process discovered some other pieces that I had forgotten!

Also sold off one of my four shapers. Now I am down to three - that's a much more reasonable number!

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