Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bookcase Done!

Finally completed the 13 month long bookcase project.

Moved it upstairs into position in the living room. Something I had not anticipated was that it came up the basement stairs with only about an inch of clearance. Could have been a real disaster!

It was intended from the start to fit into a corner of our living room. Even though several of the panels had some sapwood on them, sapwood is quite invisible from most locations in the living room. I am pleased with the way I was able to hide it from view. I also made up half a dozen spare consoles, they are stored on a strip under the bottom shelf.

I made it as gift for my (very patient) wife, using elm I had harvested myself with my chainsaw mill. So I was prepared to accept the flaws in the wood as it had more significance to us.

The following shot shows more of the consoles in place. The only significant error I made in this project was when I drilled the holes for the consoles in the central frame piece on the back. I failed to drill them in the centre, they were offset by accident, so to compensate I had to drill matching holes equally offset in the other direction. That it why there are two consoles on the middle frame piece rather than one. 

And here it is in place with the shelves in, ready for books, family photos, and other treasures.

What is next? Well four people have contacted me with logs to mill on private property, so looks like the season is not quite over for that activity yet. Also I do have a small shelf project I started as a 'thank you' for a neighbour who gave me some walnut. I want to finish that one.

Then stand by for a major machine restoration, my Hammond Glider sliding table saw.

After that I will probably start another cabinet, I've been inspired for a long time by one I saw by Zivko Radenkov, a student of James Krenov's and a College of the Redwoods graduate. It's elm veneer with an inlay of dogwood flowers, called the Dogwood Cabinet. (Search for it on that page, it's near the bottom.) A beautiful piece, but one that may still be beyond my skills. Radenkov has a couple other cabinets on this same page that are even more stunning.

So I will continue to dream about that one, but probably go for something intermediate to that, a curved glass front cabinet comes to mind, I need to get away from doing rectangualr stuff!


  1. Well done sir! I bet it feels good to get that upstairs :).
    And hooray for new projects!

  2. Hi, this is Zivko Radenkov. Thank you for the compliment ! Have you started on a marquetry piece? Let me know how it's going with your woodworking. You can connect with me on facebook. Hope all is well.