Sunday, June 27, 2010

Odds and Ends

I have been focussing on clearing the table of a few small projects before I dive into the Hammond Glider resto.

First up I was able to get the 12" Rockwell bandsaw project finished. The saw was in pretty good shape for its age, other than a bit of surface rust and a missing part, and the motor needed mounting. Here is the saw before:

A big push one full day got most of the resto work done. I took the bandsaw table and guide assemblies apart, cleaned everything, and put it all back together. I didn't bother replacing the bearings or the tires on it. I had to get a new upper thrust bearing assembly made at a local machine shop.

I cleaned the rust off the table by first scraping it off with a razor blade, brushing it with a brass wheel chucked in an electric drill, spraying it with wd40 and sanding it with 400 grit in an ROS, then cleaning and waxing with carnuba wax. Came up pretty nice I think.

The stand is of elm that I harvested, the mobile base is of purpleheart that I originally thought I would use on a cabinet, that didn't happen so now it's a mobile base. I made these up some months ago, they were not part of the one day resto!

Still need to fashion some kind of cover for the exposed end of the motor shaft, and to add a dust collection port to it. Someday.

Meanwhile I also went to a friend of a friend's place up the coast with my chainsaw mill, he had a 4 foot diameter yellow cedar butt that was 6' long. It was originally from Haida Gwaii, and had been quartered so it was easier to manage. We got about 25 nice slabs out of it, mostly quarter sawn with beautiful tight old growth grain. I brought home five gorgeous pieces about 2" thick.


  1. Damnit Dan, you and all your wood! Lumber just doesn't seem to grow on trees here. Give me some! ha

  2. so is the little saw going into your shop? is it replacing or complementing?
    can't wait to see what the insides of the hammond glider look like.
    you know that spruce that i got from you, any idea what the moisture content was before i got it? barring that, when was it harvested. i've got an idea for a cabinet that would look great with it.

  3. "lumber doesn't grow on trees here" haha! Hey Nick you need to get back up here and pick some up!

    The little saw will stay in the shop, I plan to keep the bigger saw set up with a bigger blade and the littler set up with a littler blade.

    The spruce I harvested in Jan this year. It was used as a boom log, so it had been floating in the ocean for who knows how long. I am sure it was utterly drenched. I am planning on letting my remaining pieces sit until fall 2011 before I use them

  4. thanks dan, i guess i'll have to put that one on the back burner for a little while longer.