Thursday, November 3, 2011

Desk Time

Well with the neighbour's garage mostly emptied of the best wood, and the kiln loaded and the woodpile reorganized, there was very little else to do in the shop but get down to some woodworking! Well, that and some milling as I explained in my last couple of posts.

So it was back to the desk for my daughter that I had hoped to have completed in early September. I had given some more thought to the configuration of the frame, as I was looking for a single drawer in the middle of the front of the desk. I was wrestling with how to keep it strong with a drawer right in the front, and the usual problem of how to join the skirts to the legs.

I found my solution in FWW 104, a Shaker Desk by Garret Hack, and FWW 93, a Windsor Style Table by Mac Campbell.

So I got down to work, trimmed everything to length and cut some dovetails and mortise and tenon joints. It was nice to be doing some real woodworking again finally, chopping some dovetails and using the horizontal mortiser.

Mortises mostly done

Dialing in tenons on the shaper

First  joint complete!

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  1. I had to laugh, a "painfully slow amateur woodworker". I was confused at first, thought I had somehow written a blog. Best of luck.