Saturday, November 22, 2014

Under Way!

Out milling a couple of times recently. Lucky to have had gorgeous weather both times.

First outing of the season milled up some maple and some cherry.

Second time out was Port Orford cedar and Monterey cypress. Gave all the PO away, Only kept a couple small chunks of the Monterey. I have way too much of it already.

Also got a third load of cherry into the kiln. I think I have enough material to dry one more kiln load after this. It'll be a mixed load of cherry, elm, some softwoods and I'm not sure what all else. Unfortunately it is buried deep within my pile and will require a bunch of moving around to get to it.

And made a bit of headway on preparing stock for some Christmas gift boxes. Hoping to make 6 boxes with wood that I have harvested locally, based on a design I saw in FWW several years ago. Right now looking at elm, yellow cedar, catalpa, cherry and walnut for the sides. Lids and bottoms still TBD. The sliding table saw is nice for cutting stock to a precise length.

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