Friday, December 5, 2014

Still Underway . . .

Well the Christmas gift boxes project is roaring along. I need to get these done before they become new year's gifts!

All the sides have been cut out, fitted and are ready for shellac on the inside. I have even optimistically mixed up a fresh batch of shellac, ready to go. Outsides will have their finish applied later.

Bottoms are all sized and just need a final touch up before having shellac applied. I even made up a spare bottom piece! Of course since I made it up I didn't need it, not yet anyways. Kind of like bringing along an umbrella on a cloudy day.

The three bottoms on the left are Monterey cypress, I decided on that for the bottoms on several of the boxes since it is so nicely aromatic. I have noticed in the past that the sap on it tends to be a problem though, so I plan to bake these pieces in the oven for an hour or so to 'set' the sap. Two other pieces are London Plane (similar to sycamore) and the two on the right are maple.

The tops are not as far along yet, cut out and the upper surfaces planed, but that is about all. Need bevels on the botom, shaping on the top, and handles.

The boxes look a bit clunky to me right now, but I made them to the same dimensions as in the article I saw in Fine Woodworking. All four sides will be shaped, I am hopeful that will help give them a more delicate look. It better!

Meanwhile, the Japanese lamp project languishes on the corner of the bench. Don't worry Lamp-san, I will get back to you eventually!

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