Saturday, November 14, 2015


Found myself with a free day in Copenhagen earlier in the week, so it seemed like a good idea to go check out the Design Museum which holds a bunch of mid century modern Danish furniture.

As I approached the museum it looked promising, there were a number of furniture and art/antique shops.

As I arrived at the museum I discovered that, being Europe, it was not open until 11 AM. So I had to go hang out in a nearby coffee shop for a while, not a particularly tough task!

At 11 into the museum it was, after battling my way past a large gaggle of elderly Danish ladies at the entrance who all had to pay individually using small denomination coins fished from the very very bottom of their purses.

Some stuff to see, not as much as I had hoped, and it was a bit chair heavy for me.

I really liked the display cases they were using to showcase some of their ceramics collection!

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