Monday, November 30, 2015

Table Update

Stunning progress to report on the oak slab table. It looks like it will possibly be finished in the next few days! It has been quite a while since I actually finished a project, so I am quite looking forward to it!

I completed the mortise and tenon joinery fairly quickly, the fit came together surprisingly well. The error I made in cutting the mortises a bit too long turned out to not be a big deal, a 1/4" dowel will fill the extra space without showing.

First photo shows the table test assembled, no glue, no finish, and the legs have not been relieved yet. Could not resist throwing it together to see how it looked and fitted!

Detail of one corner. A very acceptable fit. The slightly brown tone of the skirt clashes with the slightly red tone of the leg, but the difference is barely noticeable later on with the finish applied.

Four coats of the Enduro Var urthane finish applied. I was more diligent about sanding between coats and that really helped with the smoothness of the finish. 

There is a slight taper applied to the inside faces of the legs, it's not so obvious in the photo above but it does help to lighten the underside of the table up a bit. The slab is not very thick, just over one inch, so it is better that the legs and skirt be a bit lighter.

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