Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Busy Couple of Weeks With Nothing to Show for it

"Well I think I have solved my wood storage crisis.". I saw this in my last post and laughed. The new storage area is nearly 3/4 full already.

There have been a couple big windstorms recently that brought down a number of trees around town, probably the biggest winds in a couple years. I slabbed up about 100 bf each of alder, cherry(!) and what for now we will call the mystery conifer. The log dump area is packed with other goodies, elm, catalpa, maple, more alder, more cherry, as well as some mystery conifer logs that are 43" in diameter!

For no apparent reason I have started to work on a stand for my 12" Beaver bandsaw. I guess I needed a break from the bookcase!

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