Monday, April 26, 2010

Mystery Conifer Identified

After several weeks of not really knowing what the mystery conifer was/is, I think it is figured out now.

The trunk is close to four feet in diameter, and you can see the branches are quite large relative to the trunk. I did slab up a branch a couple weeks ago, that was my first introduction to it.  At the time, I was told it was a fir.

The growth rings are quite wide, so obviously it was very happy growing here. Whoever cut it down cut the trunk into pieces about 2 1/2' tall to make it easier to manage. I was skeptical of it being fir, my initial guess was cedar of Lebanon. I posted some pictures on a website specializing in milling, and asked for suggestions. Hemlock seemed to be the most popular suggestion of that group. As I investigated further, in particular by looking at the bark, I realized that it likely was not cedar of Lebanon, but the closely related deodar cedar.

Anyways, today I was down there cutting this round into quartersawn boards (not the one above, it's ugly. The one below.).

I got 12 quartersawn boards out of the half away from the big branch, for a total of about 100 bf. It's a lovely aromatic wood, would make great drawer bottoms or backs of cabinets, similar to Port Orford cedar's uses. There is a contrast between the heartwood and the sapwood though.

As I was cleaning up to go, a guy came by to drop off a load of pine he had cut down. He said that he was the arbourist who had felled the mystery conifer, it came from a house in south west Vancouver, and that it was  . . . deodar cedar!

I was well pleased with my sleuthing. And my cutting.


  1. nice wood, realy nice wood! Nothing better than sawing your own wood! Do you some time sale some of your harvest tresure? Wish I was down south some times!

  2. David,

    Thanks for the comment. I have not sold any of the wood I mill up. Maybe one day!

  3. Keep me in mind! I'm only 35Hours drive from you...