Friday, April 23, 2010

The Elm of Death - Pt II

Well I wasn't going to give up on that elm, no way! I went at the second half of it with my 60" chainbar. The big bar was necessary because although the log was less than 30" in diameter for most of its length, it widened out to 53" at one end where there was a very promising crotch.

The first thing that happened as soon as the chain touched the wood was that the chain came off. I have never had that happen before. Luckily it did not whip around or anything scary like that. Turns out a couple of teeth had their drivers damaged though, so I spent some time filing the drivers. I also took the opportunity to dress the bar as I noticed it was developing a ridge.

After two hours of work I still did not have a slab cut out! By the end of four hours I had three slabs out of this log, and I was done done done for the day. The third slab was so heavy it took four guys to carry it into my van. I could have taken off a couple more slabs, but I was too tired to push the saw and the grain was a bit rustic looking.

Pushing the 60" bar is too much for just one man. I need to bring a buddy to help with it next time.


  1. i'm going to be in vancouver with some down time after the IP show, and i'd love to go milling with you. i'll see you at the show at kozai and we can trade feed roller for milling.
    jacques breau

  2. Sounds good! The cutting area usually shuts down around Victoria Day, but we should get some milling in around the show.