Sunday, January 4, 2015

Good progress on the oak table. The damage caused by the rain when I was working on it outside the other day turned out to look worse than it was. It cleaned up easily with some fine sandpaper. I got 5 coats of enduro-var applied to both sides of the tabletop. Really liking the enduro-var's lack of smell and fast drying time. Even though it is water based I didn't have any trouble with bubbles forming in it, as is common with other water based finishes.

On the lamp I managed to finish up the 28 horizontal grid pieces, plus a few spares. Each has a bridle joint at each end plus three notches where they intersect with the vertical pieces.

On the lamp, they will look like this:

At that point I turned my attention to the vertical grid pieces. These had been sitting around for over a year, and I was dismayed to see that I had only made up 9 rather than the 12 that the lamp will require. So three more will have to be made up.

The lamp will have a paper screen (actually 4 paper screens, one on each side) but the screens will not be applied directly to the back of the grid. Rather, each screen will be a separate assembly that will slide down grooves in the posts and fit in behind the grid. Each screen assembly is effectively another grid with the horizontal pieces 'hiding' behind the horizontal pieces of the main grid. So twice as much work! I got started on the pieces for the screen assemblies.

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