Thursday, January 15, 2015

Put aside the slab table again to focus on the shoji lamp. I now have all 89(!) pieces for the lamp cut out, and all but a few hand planed to dimension. That was a lot of very tedious hand planing!

Next up will be the joinery on the vertical grid slats, to join them to the lamp at the top and bottom, as well as their connections to the horizontal slats. It is quite delicate work and most of it will be on the shaper. I made a couple spare vertical slat blanks just in case something bad happens!

After that will be the last tricky piece of joinery, a ring on the top that holds everything together. However, it will not be as tricky as the base, so I can safely say that I have the most difficult part of this project behind me.

The last major part will then be the screens themselves, then a simple handle and lastly the electical wiring for a small light bulb.

In terms of effort, I'd guess that I am about 75-80% done.

Meanwhile, I just noticed that this happened to my saw blade. It's a Forrest Woodworker I, they customize the blades to fit into Hammond Glider saw. It still seems to be cutting OK, but I guess I will be ordering a new one soon!

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