Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Proof of Slow

Well progress progresses in fits and starts. I managed to get all the elm veneer edging on on the notches of all five shelves. Plus one of them I have all the rest of the edging on it. The other four are still in progress. My small shop and lack of clamps became a real issue with trying to do this part of the project.

The following photos are of the one shelf with all the elm edge veneer on. They show pretty clearly the plywood, the alder bake ins (seems like a lifetime ago that I did them!), and the elm veneer. I have to be careful when I am trimming the elm edgings to make they are exactly flush with the plywood surface, otherwise it may lead to gaps when I glue on the top and bottom veneers.

Nothing has yet been done in putting the veneer press together, or making any decisions about what to use to hold up the shelves.

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