Friday, November 20, 2009

Woodslabbing Timeout III

After several days of trying to make it happen, I was finally able to get down to the beach and slab up another log, albeit a short one. Pulled off seven 2" thick slabs plus a 4" thick one. That thick one was to try and 'box' the heart of the log where there was a large crack which is visible in the picture.

This one is maple, likely a street tree from somewhere in the city. This one had been attacked by some kind of fungus so that the wood turned from white to the spectacular organey colour. This is the first stage of spalting, which often introduces many beautiful colours and patterns into the wood. If spalting is allowed to go too far the wood will become soft and punky, no good for woodworking. This one is in the early stages, and the wood is still very solid.

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