Saturday, November 7, 2009

Woodslabbing Timeout II

There was a 20' long old growth Douglas Fir down at the log dump recently. I cut off a 7' length and slabbed out 7 nice 2 1/4" thick boards yesterday (gave one to a passerby who had pitched in with the saw and also given me a bunch of gloves). They are about 2 feet wide. Doug fir is normally not associated much with fine cabinetmaking, but this log was just too nice to turn down. I had picked up my two saws from the repair shop, got all the chains sharpened the day before, and the rain held off nicely for my son and I to saw away for three hours.

Saw was not cutting well on the left board! Too many ripples.

The fir turned out to be surprisingly hard to cut, the saw did not want to self feed much, I really had to push hard on it. I had sharpened the chains with a smaller diameter file, so I think I need to go back to the larger file, as well as look at the raker depth.

Nice tight growth rings!

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