Monday, March 16, 2015


Yes! I have finally finished the Japanese lamp (andon) project, after two years of on and off effort. It feels nice, I am pleased with it and my wife likes it.

Here it is almost together for the final assembly.

Yellow cedar that I chainsawed myself a few years ago, then air dried followed by a gentle dehumidifer kiln drying.

Several coats of hand padded shellac, some wax on the handle where it will see more wear. Japanese paper glued onto sliding frames with wallpaper adhesive. The four base pieces are wedged together, and the four vertical posts are wedged to the base. None of the other joints have any glue.

Special thanks to Chris Hall at the Carpentry Way for the great design and all the help and support.


  1. Glorious!

    That must be a great feeling to bask in the glow, with full knowledge of the journey from log to lamp.
    -Mike from vancouver

  2. Dan,

    well done!! You're to be commended for your perseverance with the project. Please post up a pic or two on the forum when you get a chance.