Friday, March 6, 2015

Screens. Milling. Light Stand.

Incremental progress made on the screens. Have been taking a lot of care to make sure they fit properly. Once the paper is glued on they will need to slide the full 29" down slots in the lamp posts. One of the four below, shown resting on the paper that I will use.

Also finished the stand out of some scrap maple I had lying around for the light bulb that will go inside the lamp. The stand will not be visible so could be anything. A disassembled shot is below. The two pieces slide together at 90 degrees to form an X shape, the four ends will then be mitered to the insides of the base of the lamp. The light bulb assembly is screwed into the hole on the top and the cord runs through the hole and out the bottom of the lamp.

Got out for a couple of milling sessions recently. (Session 1, Session 2) Wood has been so-so recently. The log dump area is getting cleaned up so there are somewhat thin pickings right now. I have also worked my way through most of the logs that I marked and set aside earlier. Next session might be the last for a while unless more interesting stuff shows up.

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