Monday, March 9, 2015

Inching Closer to Complete

Got the four insert panels made up and glued the Japanese shoji paper onto them using wallpaper glue. Hopefully that'll make it easier to take the paper off in the future should it ever get damaged and need to be replaced.

So here the panels are in a 'test fit' into the lamp that went surprisingly well, if a little fussy. Each panel being 29" tall slides down a matching pair of grooves in the posts. The grooves are about 0.02" wider than the panels, and the paper was about 0.012" thick, so there is only about .008" of slack for the panels to slide in. And each panel has to slide past the 7 horizontal slats without getting hung up.

The next step will be to take it all apart, run a plane over the visible surfaces to remove any marks that have accumulated over the past two years of kicking around my workshop, ease most of the edges, profile the base, open up the mortises slightly so I can wedge the tenons that hold the whole assembly together, figure out how to attach the light stand to the base, a few other fussy things, put on some shellac and wax, then reassemble.

I thought I was getting close to finished until I just wrote down everything still to be done!

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  1. busy busy busy!
    looks like you've got lots of milling done too.